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Why? Run for Lakes….

Water crisis has transpired in Hoskote. This predicament has now turned into a complex and multi-faceted crisis and requires multiple points of consideration.

Run for Lakes is conceived by ACRE Foundation as a hands-on methodology in incorporating the actual lakes into our awareness project. It is our belief that conducting marathons around the lake stretches an organic understanding of the plight of farmers.While giving runners and sponsors a first-hand glimpse of the problems faced by local people it also manages to highlight our genuine efforts on the cause.

The goal is to create awareness and work together as a collaborative effort from different walks of society and association in order to bring water back to these lakes.

Lakes @ Glance Hoskote

The once called “A paradise for bird lovers”, a thriving community with an abundance of natural water in the form of lakes, Hoskote is now died out. The taluk now has 165 out of 168 lakes that are partially or completely dry.

About Acre Foundation

We believe in putting people and plant first.Our determination is to make the world better.

ACRE foundation is a non-profit organization. It is established in 2017 to accomplish economical and community-based strength for the rural and underprivileged. We work towards our engagement model that strives to uplift farmers and the younger generation of rural India

ACRE brings together national associations, that promotes Indian farmer welfare, water rejuvenation programs, the soil management, bio organic fertilizers and collaborate with scholars reinforcing best practice aspects of conservation agriculture.

Our current focus is to create sustainable agriculture and living infrastructure for Hoskote, a taluk rural Bangalore.

Achieve through Run for Lakes

The Acre foundation took an interest in the project primarily because of the local scope of the problems in Hoskote. This crisis of water represents the emerging national and global challenge that must be tackled head-on.

The Acre Foundation has approached this crisis with 7 main objectives:

Eradicate the one of the main causes for water reduction – eucalyptus. This is strategized in collaboration with farmers, government and other organized entities of Hoskote taluk

Ensure plantation of trees to get back the ground water.

Collaborate with public and private entities to clean the lakes and water entry channels

Get the soil tested for all the farmers and provision a soil health card

Conduct knowledge workshops, trainings and educate the farmers with the benefits, methodologies and other resources to convert organic farming

Develop local markets for farmers to sell directly to consumers removing agents

Develop e-commerce platforms that helps in creating a community-based market within the vicinity of the villages that in turn helps the community with a sustainable and transparent mode of transaction

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