Organic Hoskote

"Mission Organic Hoskote by 2025"

Hoskote used to be one of the largest supplier of vegetables to Bangalore city. In recent times, it has been reduced drastically, because of multiple factors like rainfall, ground water table, chemical farming etc., Enhanced use of pesticides has resulted in serious health implications to man and his environment. Acre Foundation has taken an initiative to raise awareness on Organic farming. Acre Foundation has collaborated with organic / bio-fertilizer manufacturers to convert chemical farming to organic farming. .

Concerns of Chemical farming:
Reduced ground level water has lead farmers towards excessive use of chemicals & fertilizers to sustain their livelihood un aware of the side effects of chemical farming. For both the farmer and the consumer .


It contains good bacteria namely Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus megaterium, B. polymyxa, Bacillus laterosporus, Streptococcus bovic and Rhodococcus sp.


  • Bio remedy is an excellent Sump and Overhead Tank Cleaner and also very good septic tank degrader of sludge
  • Bio remedy saves upto 30% cost on your water filter
  • During the process it evaporates gases like ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and methane etc.
  • Mainly it stops bad odour in commodes after one course of treatment.
  • In septic tanks concrete like sludge will be converted into gel and in process it reduces the volume by 1/8th and helps soil to absorb water
  • It helps to neutralize viruses, controls mosquito larvae and kills harmful bacteria.
  • By way of using BIOREMEDY, 90% of the water borne diseases like urinary tract infection (UTI), fungal related deceases and viral related fevers can be minimized.


1 L BIO REMIDY with 10 L of water to be poured in septic tank on alternative days for 5 times. Repetition to be done once in 6 months.