Our Goal

Our goal is to keep both the producer and consumer happy. We aim to achieve it by following a few steps


Organic farming

Organic farming is an agricultural method that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes. This means that organic farming tends to have a limited environmental impact as it encourages use of energy and natural resources,the maintenance of biodiversity, preservation of regional ecological balances, enhancement of soil fertility, and maintenance of water quality



At a time when unemployment among the young is growing, there is a need to look at employment generation at home (with in India) rather than loose them to employment opportunities abroad.

Without enabling environment, for the private sector to grow and flourish will of course be challenging. Self-employment has the potential to create more employment opportunities in the country and so, it must be encouraged. Encouraging their craftsmanship, recognizing their skills in various avenues gives us a direction to get our younger generation ??


Healthy Lives & Well being

Our goal to create healthy lives and well being starts with articulating demand for further human resource appropriation, second, sustaining the resource base, and third, redistributing power and benefits. Agriculture interaction with all three. ACRE initiaves call for integrated land use management. Technological alternatives shift the value of various types of land use (forests, trees and agricultural practices) as source of ‘ecosystem services’. 


Water and Sanitation

ACRE’s Objective towards water and sanitation is to raise living standards in rural areas of Karnataka. We have focused on Hoskote as one of our pioneering projects. This can be done by delivering sustainable health and hygiene benefits to the rural population through improvements in water supply and sanitation. For its sustainability it also requires improving governmental and non-governmental capabilities to undertake and sustain these efforts.


Education and Sportmanship

For a sustainable development, and to be self-sustainable it is important that the improvement is at a continuous momentum. Hence, ACRE foundation focused on not only the educational programs but also on developing the sportsmanship for the community members of ACRE’s project members. Education and sports are fundamental to a sustainable development, and our focus is to ensure that education is reaching communities of rural areas. We at ACRE believe that education and sportsmanship needs to produce desirable changes in knowledge (things known), attitude(things felt), and skills(things done), either in all (or) one or more human behaviours.



Although agriculture today still provides income to rural communities, rural development is increasingly linked to enterprise development. Since national economies are more and more globalized and competition is intensifying at an unprecedented pace, affecting not only industry but any economic activity including agriculture, it is not surprising that rural entrepreneurship is gaining in its importance as a force of economic change that must take place if many rural communities are to survive. However, entrepreneurship demands an enabling environment in order to flourish. ACRE foundation's aims to enable individuals or groups towards being environmentally supportive entrepreneurs .