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Hoskote zone used to be one of the largest suppliers of vegetables to Bengaluru city. In recent times, it has been reduced drastically, because of multiple factors like changing rainfall pattern, ground water table, chemical farming, etc. Enhanced use of pesticides has resulted in serious health implications to man and the surrounding environment. Acre Foundation has taken an initiative to raise awareness on organic farming and has collaborated with organic / bio-fertilizer manufacturers to convert chemical farming to organic farming. In addition, rejuvenating and conserving the agricultural ecosystem is our core focus area.

Organic Farmers’ Market & e-commerce ventures

Farmers have been traditionally selling their produce through the intermediaries & traders. This has led to reduce the selling price of agricultural products to the intermediaries who in-turn make most of the profit.
ACRE is looking at creating a sustainable avenue for the farmers, wherein, they can sell their produce directly to the consumers on NH75 and by e-commerce. This redefined supply chain ensures them a fair share of income.

Constructing Karnataka’s first ever self-sustaining not-for-profit organic farmers’ market at Hoskote by Jan 2021 is our first target

Highlights of Acre’s Organic Farmers’ Market @ ATTUR – Hoskote Bengaluru Rural

• Organic Farmers Market Place
• Food Processing Unit
• Cold Storage
• Horticulture & Medicinal Nurseries
• Workshop /Training/ Skill Development facilities
• Open Flea Market /Public Plaza
• Waste Management models (Compost pits, Vermicomposting etc.)
• Food Court

Our vision is to convert Hoskote taluk into organic farming hub

“Higher income for farmers and make organic produce available for common people at affordable price.”

Eradication of Eucalyptus Trees –

Current Situation:

About 40% of Hoskote land is covered by eucalyptus trees which is one of the concern for depleting ground water. A eucalyptus tree consumes 90 litres of water a day. During drought period, its roots can go down up to 30 feet in search of water. Eucalyptus tree is the second biggest concern of depleting ground water in Hoskote Taluk, which is gone below 1500 to 1800 feet.

Eradication of the eucalyptus trees in the Hoskote taluk is our foremost target. Achieving this mission along with the effective ground water improvement programmes, will help the farmers in effective water usage for the cropping.

Increasing green cover

In order to increase the green cover, we ACRE Foundation has started to collaborate with schools and youths in Hoskote taluk to plant trees. One of the initiative was to Plant trees @ Doddanallurahalli primary school involving school kids and naming the tree after each child, will bring in ownership and responsibility on child to take care of the growing tree.

Our outreach is to involve 300+ schools and 15000+ kids to participate in this venture.

Our short-term target is to plant more than 1 million trees by 2025.

Rejuvenation of Lakes in Hoskote taluk

Hoskote taluk was once called as “A paradise for bird lovers”. As per the government records, overall 168 lakes are recorded under the catchment area. But as on date, only 3 lakes are existing with its capacity.  Whereas, 165 lakes are either completely or partially not suitable for catchment.

Our target is to rejuvenate all the lakes by 2030 with the support from line departments and community participations.