Our Goals

Empowering people to live a life of dignity and enhancing their social and economic wellbeing through Knowledge, Innovation, and Transformative action.

Removal of Eucalyptus Trees

Current Situation

About 60% of Hoskote is covered by eucalyptus trees which is an concern for depleting ground water. Currently ground water is available above 1500 ft.

Rejuvenation of Lakes

Once called “A paradise for bird lovers”
No. of Lakes previously: 168(as per government records)
Situation of current lakes
Operative: 3
Non-Operative/Dry: 165 (completely or partially)

Organic Farming

Concerns of Chemical farming:

Reduced ground level water has lead farmers towards excessive use of chemicals & fertilizers to sustain their livelihood un aware of the side effects of chemical farming. For both the farmer and the consumer .

Creating Farmers Market

Farmers have been traditionally selling their produce through the middlemen & traders. This has lead to low pricing sale of agricultural products to the middle man who intern make most of the profit.

ACRE is looking at creating an sustainable avenue for the the Farmer’s wherein they can sell their produce directly to the consumer hence ensuring them a fair share of income.