Our Focus

Empowering people to live a life of dignity and enhancing their social and economic wellbeing through Knowledge, Innovation, and Transformative action.

Conservation Ethic

The ethics of resource use, allocation, exploitation, and protection. Climate aligned agricultural framework

Our association and collaboration with scholars of the subject, SME's in traditional crop development and soil testing, enabled us to form a framework that embodies the ambition to improve integration of climate change responsiveness into agricultural development planning. We use traditional techniques such as mulching, intercropping, conservation, agriculture, and pasture & manure management. We also encourage innovative practices, programs, and policies such as improved crop varieties, better risk and climate forecasting.

Our aim is to collaborate across entities i.e., from farmers in fields to regional and national crop planning.


Sustainable Community

Traditional farming systems co-exists with a community, a socio-economic community supporting farmers and their families throughout their life cycle, collating the ethnic families that were dependent on farming, craftsmanship, odd unique skills. These ethnic groups not only bring back the traditional systems of cultivation practices but also are well adapted to the environmental conditions and ecological balanced occupations

Another benefit of forming this committee enables farmers to understand common issues and sharing of best practices. Our regular interventions help in collecting and sensitizing the farmers about the issues, make them aware of the possible solutions and help them in executing them. Our upcoming initiatives are: FPO (Follow-on-Public Offers) and FIG (Financial Institution Groups).


Agriculture requires appropriate machinary that ensure timely feild operations, effective application of agriculture inputs which helps reduce drug dery in agriculture. Timely support with this machinization helps increase cropping, intensity; ensures large area coverage and timeliness, increasing farm labour productivity and increasea crop productivity and profitability.

One of our strategized initiatives is the refinement program. It provides resources such as information sharing mechanisms, knowledge hubs, and network connections that generate new ideas, and conduct change interchanges.

Setting Up Direct Transactions

A direct market, the channel from farmers to consumer markets is the most spoken about topic in the recent past, somehow the most exploited one too. The websites become one more layer of middlemen that farmers face difficulty dealing with. Making farmers as the owners of this cycle needs a full-fledged and foolproof solution that covers all stages of a farmer's life cycle. Having joyous farmer faces on the websites is misleading to both farmers and the end customer. Connecting farmers to the world needs preparation on both sides, including a comprehensive structure on their entire lifecycle.