Removal Of Eucalyptus trees

Removal Of Eucalyptus Trees

Our current focus is to create sustainable agriculture and living infrastructure for Hoskote farmers, Situated in rural Bangalore. this is not possible without removal of eucalyptus trees.

Current Situation:
About 60% of Hoskote land is covered by eucalyptus trees which is one of the concern for depleting ground water. A eucalyptus tree consumes 90 liters of water a day. During summers and times of drought, its roots can go down up to 30ft in search of water.
Eucalyptus tree is the second biggest concern of depleting ground water in Hoskote Taluk, Currently which is gone below 1500 to 2000ft.

Vegetation improves the natural processes of different indicators for sustainability such as: improving air quality, water resources and soil.


@Doddanallurhalli primary school Hoskote Taluk

ACRE Foundation has started to collaborate with schools and Kids in Hoskote taluk to plant trees. One of the initiative was to Plant trees @ Doddanallurahalli primary school involving school kids and naming the tree after each child, will bring in ownership and responsibility on child to take care of the growing tree
Our outreach is to involve 300+ schools and 15000+ kids to participate in this venture.