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Karnataka’s first ever self-sustaining Not-for-profit organic farmers’ market.


We ACRE Foundation, moving forward with a mission, to create a first ever self-sustaining Not-for-profit organic farmers’ market at NH-75 Hoskote of Katnataka, for the benefit of producers and consumers.


The farmers are encountering high production cost in their efforts to boost productivity, but hardly get fair pricing for their produce, due to the small quantum of production in their small land holdings. This results in the existence of several layers of intermediaries, which lengthening the supply chain of the agricultural produce. It ultimately increases the buying price for consumers and reduces the selling price for producers, thereby lowering the farmers' profit margins. This existing supply chain also seems to be a threat to food security. In the existing supply chain, the real profit goes to the intermediaries who buy up the farm products at almost give away prices.


To overcome this problem, ACRE foundation provides the farming community an alternative avenue to sell their produce with a fare and consistence price. This farmers market will be an established platform, operate as a Not-for-profit system who will manage all the matters in between farmers and consumers.
The consumers visit the farmers’ market and buy farm fresh vegetables at a reasonable price less than the prevailing retail market price and also via e-commerce. In the process, both the producer and the consumer are mutually benefited.

Since the farmers’ market is a Not-for-profit mechanism, the margins which would have been earned will be directly utilised for lake rejuvenation and agricultural development activities of Hoskote taluk. This holistic approach of ACRE foundation will self-sustain the agricultural ecosystem in and around Hoskote taluk. Once established, this concept will be expanded further.

Key Highlights of the Market –
• Organic Farmers Market Place
• Food Processing Unit
• Cold Storage
• Herbal Nursery
• Workshop /Training/ Skill Development Area
• Exhibition Area – Urban Rural Connect
• Open/Cultural Space
• Waste Management (Compost pits, Vermicomposting etc.)
• Cafeteria
“Higher income on their produce will also encourage them to convert to Organic Farming which win-win situation for both farmers and consumers”

Farmers - Earn higher for their produce
Consumer - Get organic produce for lesser price which is good for health.

No Farmer, No Food , No Future