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Hoskote Bengaluru Rural
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Who Are We

Acre Foundation is a non-government, not-for-profit organization that strives hard to build sustainable agriculture communities, resources and connect these communities with the world using Farmers Market and E-commerce.

What We Do

ACRE brings together National Association, that promote Indian Farmer Welfare, Water Rejuvenation Programs, Soil Management, Bio-organic Fertilizers and promotes collaboration with experts reinforcing best practice aspects for conservation of agriculture.

How We do

We believe in an approach that integrates knowledge, strategies developed over a period of years can put to work that will enable us to create self-sustainable regions. We identify, formulate, execute and continuously improve.


Our Vision

Grow Organic, Eat Organic, Build Immunity.

Our Mission

India has traditional knowledge which promotes the environmentally friendly ways of agricultural and community framework. Using this traditional knowledge, agricultural and economic strategies we at ACRE are determined to design practical and realistic models and solutions that can minimize risks and maximize the benefits to create a sustainable value chain i.e., from production to consumption.

Our Goals

Empowering people to live a life of dignity and enhancing their social and economic wellbeing through Knowledge, Innovation, and Transformative action.