A Public Charitable Trust Registered Under Section 9 of KSR ACT 1960
Registration no. DRB3/SOR/238/2018-19

Who Are We

ACRE Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organization that strives hard to build sustainable agricultural communities, resources and connect these communities with the world using Farmers Market and E-Commerce.

What We Do

ACRE brings together National Associations, that promote Indian Farmer Welfare, Water Rejuvenation Programs, Soil Management, Bio-organic Fertilizers and promotes collaborations with experts reinforcing best practice aspects for conservation of agriculture.

How We Do

We believe in an approach that integrates knowledge, strategies developed over a period of years can put to work that will enable us to create self-sustainable regions. We identify, formulate, execute and continuously improve.

Our Goals

ACRE strives to collaborate with various entities to provide a holistic solution.

Farmers Market

Farmers have been traditionally selling their produce through the middlemen & traders.

Organic Farming

Reduced ground level water has lead farmers towards excessive use of chemicals & fertilizers

Rejuvenation of Lakes

Once called “A paradise for bird lovers”
No. of Lakes previously: 168

Removal Of Eucalyptus

Current Situation:
About 60% of Hoskote is covered by eucalyptus trees