A Public Charitable Trust Registered Under Section 9 of KSR ACT 1960
Registration no. DRB3/SOR/238/2018-19

Who Are We

ACRE Foundation is a non-government, non-profit organization that strives hard to build sustainable agricultural communities, resources and connect these communities with the world using eCommerce.

What We Do

We identify specific rural sects and make them self-sustained.

How We Do

We believe in an approach that integrates knowledge, strategies developed over a period of years can put to work that will enable us to create self-sustainable regions. We identify, formulate, execute and continuously improve.

Our Goals

Keep our initiatives SMART (Sustainable, Measurable, Accurate, Realistic and Time bound)

Our Initiatives are

Organic Farming

Organic farming is an agricultural method that aims to produce food using natural substances and processes...


At a time when unemployment among the young is growing, there is a need to look at employment generation at home (with in India)...

Healthy Lives & Well Being

Our goals to create healthy lives and well being starts with articulating demand for further human resource appropriation...

Water & Sanitation

ACRE’s Objective towards water and sanitation is to raise living standards in rural areas of Karnataka...

Eduction & Sportsmanship

For a sustainable development, and to be self-sustainable it is important that the improvement ...


Although agriculture today still provides income to rural communities, rural development ...

Our Focus

ACRE strives to collaborate with various entities to provide a holistic solution.

Eradication Of Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus was introduced in Karnataka in 1960s,

Restoration of Lakes

It include cleaning of lakes, and internally oxygenating.

Organic Farming

Collaborate with researchers and knowledge hubs to educate the farmers

Farmers Market

A direct market, the channel from farmers to consumer markets is the